Dumpy is SpaceNutz!

A unique opportunity to see Dumpy performing a set of self penned
Spacerock instrumentals using guitar, a bass pedal synthesizer
plus the addition of awesome ambient sound effects.

Although the percussion is supplied by a vintage Roland Rhythm Composer,
there is no use of music samples or backing tracks as all guitar and bass work
is performed live by Dumpy & his dexterous digits! (hands & feet to you!)

An experience not to be missed!
A long time Hawkwind fan has made this following statement
It can been seen in full on the reviews page.

"The 'Spacenutz' set embodied everything that I personally have always
enjoyed the most about the Hawkwind sound, namely a solid driving
rhythm overlaid with synth effects and some stunning guitar lurking in
the mix. "

Dumpy as SpaceNutz Gigs 2008



(more gigs will be added here soon)



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